[Everyone] Billable formatting in client documents

Tue Oct 20 20:31:26 GMT 2009

Fellow profit-agnostics,

It has come to the attention of the Executive Account Executive
department that employees are frequently supplying clients with fully
formatted Word documents. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Henceforth, all Word documents should be supplied unformatted (i.e.,
with headings, bullet points and etc all in the same Arial).

Additional formatting is a client-request option and should be billed
accordingly. Please enter the code "FRMT" on your timesheets when
filling out hours spent formatting documents at the request of

Client formatting requests should be faxed to Louise on reception no
less than twentyfour (48) hours before the formatting is required,
using the document outlined in E:\Global\Global\Shared
Files\Clients\Shafting\"Formatt request form version 6 (Lothar
comments) - FINAL".doc

Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 4)

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