[Everyone] Cannot attend 'Universal Solutioning Experience: Learning Exceptional Success Strategies' (week 7) meeting

Fri Oct 16 11:35:14 GMT 2009

Attn HolSol extended teams and Exec:
Sorry for the short notice on this, but I will not be attending the 12.45
Experience (wk 7). As a result of my Status ID Code being recently changed
to "UNDEAD", I find that I am currently unable to use the facilities of the
Silver Staff Experience Suite.

I have booked Alan Ball at 14.15 for an Experience summary and review. All
HolSol Team Leaders are required to attend.

Thank you.

Senior Solutioning Facilitator, Holistic and Collaborative [Tiers 1 (b - d),
3 (b - f) and 4 (all)]
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