[Everyone] Re: Jammy door in Stationary

Tue Oct 13 16:17:23 GMT 2009

Sorry Cat. We didn't get around to sorting the power saw situation. You are
welcome to take it from Katy Perry but if you wouldn't mind drawing a chalk
line around it, and the piece of finger by the leg of the table, we'll do
the photos tomorrow.





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Sent: 13 October 2009 17:04
To: Everyone in the office
Subject: [Everyone] Jammy door in Stationary


We have received a D51/r complaint report vis a vis a current jamming
situation in the stationary cupboard environs. Please be assured that
Maintaining appearances are scrambling a squad at this very moment in time
and that as soon as the power saw is returned to us by Health and Safety, we
will be able to open the door and your urgent post-it needs will be met.




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