[Everyone] Invites for Pretend Wave are not yet available

Tue Oct 13 11:49:58 GMT 2009

Some of you might have heard that Google has a new Wave, which is like our
internet site except more Interactive.
Consequently, last week the Executive Accounts team engaged Steve from IT to
build Pretend Wave, which we will later add too the Pretend internet site
thereby expanding the Interactivation Podule and adding greater On-Line
Interactive Tools. And a Shopping Basket for clients, too, into which they
can "Drag-AND-Drop" our re-branding Pretend Products for later purchase (by
faxing us a print-out of the purchase order created by the Basket Software,
and submitting a cheque to accounts).

Steve's efforts have paid off and so far Pretend Wave is lookng Very

We intend to rollout Pretend Wave to all staff over the next 71 weeks, using
an Invite System (which must work, because that's what Googel uses). Invites
will be sent out in order of priority. Higher-priorit staff will get the
first, and later will have the chance to send on invites to lower-priorit

Please do not contact Steve or anyone in Executive Accounts asking for an
Invite. You will get yours sometime during the 71-week roll-outing.

Furtherly note: all timesheets will be transferred to the Wave system as
from today. Remember: NO TIMEHSEETS, NO PAY.

Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 4)
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