[Everyone] Not funny -- STEALING!!!

Tue Oct 13 11:30:04 GMT 2009

Since my 'death' and subsequent docking of wages to cover wake expenses, I
have been bringing my lunch to the office and storing it in Fridge Epsilon,
clearly labelled with my name. I have just returned from F.E. and once
again, it is gone without trace.
I am hungry and running out of lunch containers. If you are the Lunch
Bandit: please STOP IT and kindly return any uneaten items of my lunch to
F.E. Everyone else: If you know who the L.B. is, please inform myself and/or
Internal Justice asap.

Thank you.

Senior Solutioning Facilitator, Holistic and Collaborative [Tiers 1 (b - d),
3 (b - f) and 4 (all)]
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