[Everyone] The Drugs Don't Work

Tue Oct 6 11:22:05 GMT 2009

I have to say the DEADJEN wake/party was a highlight of the Pretend  
Office year. I think she'd be pleased that her unfortunate demise  
wasn't a complete disaster. For the rest of us, at least.

Accounts are telling me it's the biggest single receipt they've ever  
processed (I guess Lothar's legal stuff would go through a different  

So let's all say a big thanks for Phil for agreeing to pick up the  
tab. You can't say Pretend Office don't know how to give a deceased  
employee a good send-off. (Note to HR: Is that something we should  
consider bigging-up in the Graduate Recruitment Brochure? Maybe? Get  
back to me.)

Anyhoo, the nurofen I've got don't seem to be doing anything for me so  
I'm reduced to lying on the sofa dictating this to Eve. Has anyone got  
anything stronger, or, given the time, anyone want to join me at  
Flashers for some hair of the dog?



"An' here I go again on my own, Goin' down the only road I've ever  

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