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Wed Nov 18 11:30:32 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Unfortunately Julie, who has been spear-heading the SANOTOS initiative  
is currently off work with an ulcer and high blood pressure.  
Consequently it is impossible to reschedule the COMPULSORY test on  
Friday afternoon.

Any associate colleagues who feel their current commitments should  
excuse them from taking this COMPULSORY test should contact Brandreth  
from the HR/Well-Being working group for the appropriate exception  
form kit, all copies of which should be filled out and posted to the  
Bradford office by close of play on Friday lunchtime.

Please note that Brandreth is currently on sick leave but hopes to be  
back by the end of the week.


On 17 Nov, 2009, at 13:59, Giles wrote:

> Phil, the COMPLUSORY stress busting test will clash with the  
> following:
> - Annual General Meeting
> - Annual General Meeting Follow-on Video Room (For Secretaries)
> - In-house driving tests for all Level 3 staff (in the west car park)
> - Spine Flu Briefing (week 5)
> - Time sheet deadline (ALL LEVELS)
> - The Smithson-Kleinvort-Hedges account RE-pitch!!!!! (!!!!!)
> Several members of the team are feeling quite stressed about this, and
> Friday is already looking like a very busy day. Might you be able to
> reschedualize the SANORATA test for another time/space podule?
> Kind regards
> Giles
> Executive Account Executive (Level 4)
> 2009/11/16 Phil :
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