[Everyone] Re: New reporting structures

Wed Nov 4 11:05:12 GMT 2009

Thanks for this Giles, very helpful.

But I was actually hoping for a different email on reporting  
structures, because a structure has been put in my office and I need  
to know how to report it.


On 4 Nov 2009, at 10:36, Giles wrote:

> Fellow Gant chart elements,
> New reporting structures are to be imposed forthwith and immediately,
> by order of the Grand Council which met this morning shortly after the
> Tea Rationing Committee.
> Henceforth:
> - Giles (myself) shall report to Miles and Silas; Cyrus will report to
> telesales Charles. Charles reports to Myles and Gilles.
> - Phil will report to Bill, not Will. Will will report to Phil. (The  
> other one.)
> - Nev will take responsibility for Bev and Kev's team. Visiting
> Professor Lev will remain independent.
> - Anno will report to Benno, Antonio, and Rollo. Antonio and Rollo
> won't have to report to Stevo, but Benno will.
> - Jay will report to May, while May will now report to Gaye.
> - Russell will report to Darcy Bussell and Mr Muscle.
> - Ben must report to Len, Fen, Sten, and Chen. All of them will report
> to Jen, if she is alive.
> - James will report to everyone in Claims.
> Any questions, please send them to Lothar's secretary, who will  
> delete them.
> Kind regards
> Giles
> Executive Account Executive (Level 4)
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