[Everyone] New reporting structures

Wed Nov 4 10:36:29 GMT 2009

Fellow Gant chart elements,

New reporting structures are to be imposed forthwith and immediately,
by order of the Grand Council which met this morning shortly after the
Tea Rationing Committee.


- Giles (myself) shall report to Miles and Silas; Cyrus will report to
telesales Charles. Charles reports to Myles and Gilles.
- Phil will report to Bill, not Will. Will will report to Phil. (The other one.)
- Nev will take responsibility for Bev and Kev's team. Visiting
Professor Lev will remain independent.
- Anno will report to Benno, Antonio, and Rollo. Antonio and Rollo
won't have to report to Stevo, but Benno will.
- Jay will report to May, while May will now report to Gaye.
- Russell will report to Darcy Bussell and Mr Muscle.
- Ben must report to Len, Fen, Sten, and Chen. All of them will report
to Jen, if she is alive.
- James will report to everyone in Claims.

Any questions, please send them to Lothar's secretary, who will delete them.

Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 4)

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