[Everyone] Updates

Tue May 12 19:17:38 GMT 2009

Hello? Is this thing on?

The IT boffins here in the Tillamook office say they've finally managed 
to hook us back up to the mailing lists. Something to do with the lotus 
being older than they are? (Eve - can we look into their qualifications?)

I trust Irene has been keeping things running smoothly in my absence and 
that there have been no more incidents. I'd like to remind everyone that 
the Interdepartmental Steering Committee will soon be announcing the 
results of their 4 year study into short-term planning practices and i 
think we all know what this is going to mean for the company 
(specifically teams D through M in the Whistable office!). I know I 
don't need to reiterate how this aligns with our strategic bets for the 
coming months.

(Acting) Director of ISC-DDMPt, Tillamook Division
Tillamook Campus, Sub-Level 3, Room 16524a

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