[Everyone] Timesheets: important status update

Tue May 12 18:36:41 GMT 2009

Hi everyone:

You may have heard about the slight false start we encountered with
the new timesheet strategy. To dispel rumors, it's not true that the
employees at our new dedicated operations and logistics facility in
Rekjavik set their building on fire after receiving the April
timesheets; the incident has been conclusively identified as an
electrical fault in the server room, and we expect to learn more once
Eiður, our Temporal Collation Administrator, is released from the ICU.

On account of the temporary closure of Rekjavik OLF, we're maintaining
parallel timesheeting for at least the remainder of this month. This
task can be delegated to team leaders, though approval has been
granted for "Completing New Timesheets" to be considered a valid Task
(Skill Code 23999) for all team members, up to a reasonable ceiling of
three hours per week.

Two brief notes:

* Beginning June 1, all inter-team co-ordinations deemed in advance to
be of a therapeutic nature should be recorded on the 50-minute hour.

* Beginning immediately, strategic engagements that occur across more
than one timezone should be recorded according to the local time of
the initiating team, unless the initiating team leader is temporarily
located outside his/her usual timezone. When those exceptional
situations occur, all parties are reminded to file the appropriate
Translocation Time Reciprocation Memo -- you'll find a template on the

Finally, we're seeking volunteers from selected departments to assist
their team leaders in a video seminar that's scheduled for when
Rekjavik comes back online. This requires a small amount of
preparation (Skill Codes 97311, 43296, 13778) but I can assure anyone
interested that it will be worthwhile.

Strategic Actualization Coordinator
Consort Building x2017

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