[Everyone] FAO Gavin - misc. tasks before my conference

Wed Mar 25 16:27:59 GMT 2009


As you know, I'm at the Franking Machine and Digital Stamps conference
in Edinburgh tomorrow (flying up there tonight and back Sunday). There
are a few of things you need to sort out whilst I'm away:

1. Apparently that strange smelling parcel is for Jason in Security,
NOT Jason in Catering

2. Ideation normally get something couried-in for their Monday Mind
Showers, but it always arrives too early on Friday. Just find
somewhere to stick it out of the way, whatever it is.

3. Don't miss out on crackerjack on Friday! It's whiskey every day for
me from tonight until Sunday! They've even given me an expense
account, so I might try some of the more expensive drams!!!!

Post Room, Basement, Building 1, Zone R.
Internal post code: PRBB1ZR

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