[Everyone] Re: Paul

Matt W
Wed Mar 25 10:54:20 GMT 2009

god do you think the paul that jason went to see is the same paul as  
*our* paul???

still not seen jason    i went with him yesterday to meet his friends  
but he went off and didn't come back and his friends were pretty  
rough, i had to leave    still need ibuprofen    my jaw hurts

On 25 Mar 2009, at 10h43, Phil wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am, of course, sorry to be the bearer of unfortunate news. Last  
> night apparently Paul (Junior Office Manager) had an accident - he  
> was on a motorbike, with his broken leg, trying to carry three  
> XBoxes when he was, I assume, hit by another vehicle. He was just  
> round the corner from Russ's house so maybe he can shed more light  
> on exactly what happened.
> Paul will be fine but he's currently back in hospital and the  
> outlook isn't too good. There is a card going round (BIG size!) so  
> please sign it with your wishes and put some change int he envelope.
> Thankyou.
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