[Everyone] Re: What I menat to say

Fri Mar 20 12:56:31 GMT 2009

I don't think this computer likes me. I am trying t othbe nice to it and 
it odes things wrong. I'm sorry Mister Dell lets be friends.

Lets all be friends hey? Look I know. Look I know how its difficult when 
ywe all work together. Work gets in the way doesn';t it. We sohlud still 
be able to be friends and not have to have work get all in the way and 
things. It sould be a friendly palace that we want to come to and be 
friends yes.? Yes. Yes I know. Youre like my famly and I'm like your 
famkly and we suld all remember that.

Tahns you.

On 2009-03-20 12:44 pm, Phil wrote:
> Hi,
> Apogolise for that last email but I msut have hit the wron

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"I think if you've suffered, if you've experienced loss, you're probably 
more open to understanding it and more comfortable talking about it and 
experiencing it." Anderson Cooper

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