[Everyone] Re: Slide fitters coming tomorrow

Wed Mar 18 16:52:05 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Giles, I did put in a request for a "fireman's pole" to go from my pod 
direct to the chair at the head of the table in Milking Shorthorn.

I understood that following my presentation and interactive report this 
had gone through both the Transporter Scheme Investigation And Approval 
Committee (2007) and the Health, Safety and Productivity Panel without 
problem. Can you tell me where we are with this?


On 2009-03-18 9:54 am, Giles wrote:
> Dear all,
> Work to install the Transporter system (aka the slides) will begin tomorrow.
> To recap, slides will connect:
> - Level 8 to the mezzanine
> - the third floor Portakabin to the Post Room in the basement
> - Level Red to the Grass Arena
> - the Grass Arena to reception
> - reception to Lothar's Management Suite (this is an up-only slide
> that has built-in steps)
> Please try to minimise disruption for the Transporter fitters who have
> come all the way from their base in Switzerland to fit this fantastic
> new office inter/action resource.
> Based on calculations we did in an Excel, the time savings of using
> the Transporters instead of old-media "stairs" and "lifts" will total
> nearly six million seconds (or about 70 days) over the next twelve
> years. Note: slides are for rapid transit between Departments. They
> are not for larking about on. All site visitors (that includes
> clients!) must fill out a 27B/C Health And Safety Requirement
> Disclaimer Form (Grade 4) before they are allowed to use the slides.
> Needless to say, this is all a significant precursor to the
> Move/Change Fundamentalism Programme, which Russell will, I'm sure,
> explain all about in due course at some point.
> Kind regards
> Giles
> Executive Account Executive (Level 2, Pending Level 1)
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