[Everyone] Keep hush-hush

Mon Mar 9 16:08:13 GMT 2009

Eve - glad you’re back and you’re feeling better. Please can you make
sure that the email from Lianne, below, gets thoroughly deleted from
the system. The last thing we want is for it to be circulated round
the office to all and sundry!

Executive Account Executive (Level 2 Pending Level 1)

--- Forwarded message begins ---

From: Lianne
To: Managers, Executives, Account Executives, Executive Account Executives
Subject: Re: card on 17

PASTURES NEW MY FUCKING ARSE! You tossers. I’ve never been so
shamefully treated in my life. I hope you all rot in hell.

I’ve a good mind to torch the Management Suite paper recycling hopper
on my way out. That’s assuming you’re not sending the heavies from IT
to “escort me from the premises”.



--- End of forwarded message ---

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