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Wed Mar 4 11:39:28 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Which reminds me:-- it would be useful to have a list of which 
conferences and other industry business events staff are planning to 
attend here or in abroad over the rest of the calendar year until the 
end of 2009.

Please list the events you have either already booked or plan to have 
either already booked. This will help us avoiding doubling up of people 
attending the same events causing a doubling of time wasted. And we all 
know what time is.


On 2009-03-04 11:25 am, Anno wrote:
> Zelda,
> Glad your back from holiday - how was Poland?
> Business Affairs and Counting have some queries about your most recent
> expenses claim - and a number of other claims in the Quantitative
> Arbitrage team. It appears that the frequency of trips to abroad to
> attend Arbitrage seminars has increased dramatically and there are
> questions about the construction of a chem haz area between the stacks
> and the Arbisoft creative zone.
> Would you be able to attend a meeting with Kinshasa from Counting this
> afternoon?, we've booked Stargate 2 at 3.15.
> Thanks
> Anno

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