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Mon Mar 2 15:31:51 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Giles, thankyou for your efforts in increasing Pretend Office's 
productivity. Such enthusiasm is to be highly commended.

However, I'm sure you need no reminding of the Innovation Development 
Line Express Routine that we spent so much of last year putting into place.

I doubt no one would say I'm not the last to champion innovation but we 
put the Routine in place for a reason, so that innovations can be 
thoroughly reviewed before being put into practice.

If your capsule's copy of the IDLER chart is missing please contact 
Anno's team for a replacement and ensure you follow due process when 
introducing such exciting and worthwhile innovations in future.

The next meeting of the IDLER executive (Stage 1) is in July.


On 2009-03-02 2:44 pm, Giles wrote:
> Ah, sorry Phil, I forgot to have a word with you about that.
> They are not crumbs, they are genuine Far Eastern Productivity
> Enhancement Beads (or FEPEB for short). I encountered them during my
> recent fact-finding mission to Bromley. They have been deliberately
> scattered on all meeting room tables because they enhance the CHI of
> the meeting and the YANG of its participants, thereby enabling harmony
> and leveraging thought-construct. Remember: Ideation!
> This was all because Russell told me to "buck my ideas up" so this is
> an idea that have implemented directly as a result of.
> I've heard the FEPEB were enormously useful in recent meetings with
> prospective clients such as Audi, Sony, Apple, HSBC and Nike. What a
> pity we didn't win any of those accounts.
> That said, the man in Bromley market assures me that his neighbour
> will give all Pretend staff a discount on fruit and vegetables next
> time any of us are in the area. I'm planning another fact-finding
> mission for the summer, if anyone's interested in joining me.
> Yours in CHI
> Kind regards
> Giles
> Account Executive (Level 2)
> 2009/3/2 Phil :
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