[Everyone] Facebookteraction Strategy (FAO: ALL SALON USERS)

Wed Dec 16 14:20:57 GMT 2009

Fellow future-makers,

There is a new Facebook page for Pretend staff. Please "Become a fan"
of the Facebook website immediately.

This is the easiest way to follow activities in the network. Once you
are a "Fan" of the page, all Salon leaders, and other future-oriented
team-members in each of our WorkBlocks can all use this page to post
info about upcoming (always free) Salons, suggest potential speakers,
post "cool" stories about the future of business and Social
NetWorking. Contributions you make via your Salon to the Facebook
NetFeed will be automatically available in the News Feeds of other
Fans (unless they hide them), and generally increase exposure of the

Facebook is improving rapidly. All staff are encouraged to spend as
much time as they can on Facebook and on the Salon-oriented webinar
video links.

Facebook interaction minute-modules are non-billable and must not be
added to timesheets.

Failure to become a fan of Pretend Office on Facebook is a
demotivational offence and may result in staff being suspended from
their Salon and associated Christmas activities.

If your Salon has not been swept or Migrated in the last week, please
alert someone in Maintaining Appearances or Migration Assistorials as

Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 4) (Operational Status) (Level 2)
(Actual functionation-pod location)

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