[Everyone] Announcement: recruitment proposal introduction

Mon Dec 14 10:44:16 GMT 2009

Fellow target monitoring agents,

The following document outlines the next steps in the campaign
designed to attract passive recruits in Pretend's target demographic
to work for the firm, and follows the research carried out by our
external consultants into their internet usage habits. To this end,
Pretend has produced a strategy which will enable Pretend to enter
into a dialogue with the target demographic, interest them in the work
Pretend is doing and ultimately attract them into a career with

As previously outlined, the target demographic consists of those with
the particular skills to fill the eight outstanding roles as described
in the original outline document. These are Business ERM Analysts,
Systems MSP Consultants, Systems Integrators, Databational
Administrators, Network/Support Technologists, Technology Architects,
WebSite Designers, and Twitter Operational Managers.

The activities contained in this document are designed with the
specific aim of allowing Pretend to enter into a dialogue with the
target demographic and ultimately interest them in working for the
Pretend. They are designed to run concurrently, each aspect building
on the success of the other, but a Secondary Action Process will
simultaneously allow them to run separately and in succession, one
after the other. Both processes (concurrant and successionational)
will be activated and a Follow-Through Committee will monitor progress
to see which process yields optimum results; a report will be
published in the new year and all Pretend operational activities will
be revised accordingly and in appropriate measure forthwith.

I trust that's all clear

Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 4) (Operational Status) (Level 2)
(Actual functionation-pod location)

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