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I’m glad you understand my humour ;-). I’ve sent some of my best WISE team members to sort your requirements straight away. 


Please could everyone be aware that the mattresses in Wellness have just been used as giant sponges and will be stored in laundry for the rest of the week to dry out.




‘Regularly moving your regular movements’




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Thank Mr Sidwise for your helpful contribution.


I'm sure you are aware, and not foolishly mistaken like an idiot would be, that "Level 4" is my "Operations status" and that I actually work on Level 2 alongside everyone else in Executive Account Executions. 


Talking of which, there is a very disgusting odour emerging from the Chapel, going up the stairwell to the Wellness Arena, and spreading out across large areas of the Hunting Grounds, the Clock Tower, the Fitness Zone, and the Cleaning Supplies Hanger. Please can you investigate and remedy this immediately as we shall be holding IMPORTANT client Pitch meetings in all of the above due to flood damage to the usual meeting rooms. 


Kind regards



Executive Account Executive (Level 4) (Operational Status) (Level 2) (Actual functionation-pod location)





2009/12/9 Paul 

Thank you all for your feedback regarding requirements for washroom inspections and sanitary environmentals. I have made the following plan for next week:

WISE will be at Head Office on Lother’s yacht, currently in St Tropez all day Tuesday.

Monday and Wednesday will taken up travelling to and from St Tropez.

On Thursday WISE will aim to complete all levels above the flood water excluding level 4 which is now LOW PRIORITY (how do you like that Giles!).

On Friday we will complete all temporary out buildings and shelters.

James, does the Dog and Mallet have their own arrangements for Washroom Inspections and Sanitary


Please note that this is a temporary measure until I get your washroom usage questionnaires back. I will then be able to make a clearer judgement about your washroom requirements.


Many thanks



‘Regularly moving your regular movements’


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