[Everyone] SIDWISE

Wed Dec 9 10:59:00 GMT 2009

Thank you all for your feedback regarding requirements for washroom
inspections and sanitary environmentals. I have made the following plan for
next week:

WISE will be at Head Office on Lother's yacht, currently in St Tropez all
day Tuesday.

Monday and Wednesday will taken up travelling to and from St Tropez.

On Thursday WISE will aim to complete all levels above the flood water
excluding level 4 which is now LOW PRIORITY (how do you like that Giles!).

On Friday we will complete all temporary out buildings and shelters.

James, does the Dog and Mallet have their own arrangements for Washroom
Inspections and Sanitary


Please note that this is a temporary measure until I get your washroom usage
questionnaires back. I will then be able to make a clearer judgement about
your washroom requirements.


Many thanks



'Regularly moving your regular movements'


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