[Everyone] Flooding: maintenance report

Sun Dec 6 18:07:49 GMT 2009

I've received the report from the Pretend Maintenance Operations  
department (outsourced to Getafix Ltd in Cumbria), and wanted to make sure  
it would be on everybody's desk for the start of the week.

MO/Getafix traced the source of the recent localised flooding to a blocked  
u-bend in the gents on the fifth floor, next to Stephen Fry. The blockage  
has been removed and sent away for analysis, though a cursory examination  
seems to indicate it is composed mostly of timesheets and sick. The  
floodwater should have drained away by the early hours of the morning, and  
everything should be back to normal tomorrow.

I am on the record complaining about the repulsive recurring situation in  
the fifth-floor gents as far back as June, and I feel this has completely  
vindicated me.

The MO operative also reports that he found some "dodgy wiring" recently  
installed on the lift-control panel and has fixed it so it "should all  
work properly now".

Have a good week!

VP client-faces reversioning EMEA

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