[Everyone] Explosives in stationery cupboard

Fri Dec 4 16:09:15 GMT 2009

Hi everyone!!

I just found some explosives in the stationery cupboard and I was  
wondering who ordered them? Because they haven't filled in the  
required pink, yellow and blue slips!! Whoops!! Even though we're  
temporarily stranded it's really important that we still keep up with  
our admin systems!!! It looks like the explosives have been unpacked  
and someone has been messing about with wires as well; while I'm on  
the subject, could I remind everyone that really I am the only person  
who should have access to the stationery cupboard. Only the other day  
a large box of paperclips just vanished!!

Also, if anyone is still keen to go for a jog/wade/swim with me (still  
training for my charity expeditions!!!!) meet me by lift on level 1 in  
10 minutes.


Stationery manager

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