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Thu Dec 3 17:22:13 GMT 2009

Sgt Hasd,

I'd like to have a look at that rich list once you have it as it will be vital in the planning of my new tax measures.

Sent on behalf of El Presidente.... 

From: Paul 
To: Everyone in the office 
Sent: Thu, December 3, 2009 4:44:19 PM
Subject: [Everyone] Our leader

Fellow Islanders,
May I be the first to congratulate Cat for her election as leader. Having voted for her myself, I am extremely delighted to become her humble servant.
As a bit of fun for tonight, I thought it would be a good idea to compile an Island ‘Rich List’. Please could you let me know how much of the new currency you have. Please remember the multiples that we agreed at this morning’s meeting:
5 paper clips = 1 coloured drawing pin.
2 coloured drawing pins = 1 gold drawing pin. 
5 gold drawing pins = 1 bic pen
10 bic pens = 1 PO mug
All old ‘sterling’ coins should be given to Cat as requested for melting down and casting her new throne and notes for her papier machie hobby.
Sgt Hasd

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