[Everyone] Re: Rain

Wed Dec 2 15:56:58 GMT 2009

Dear Everyone,

Since Paul has brought it up - yes, there is a flood outside the pretend office building due to the current rainfall volumes and a subsequent backup in sewage terminal AB1. Please do not leave the building at this time as the water may be slightly toxic. Maintaining appearances will be attempting to drain the flood waters as soon as Environmental health have signed off all documents associated with the 1989 hazardous working conditions booklet of guidelines.

In the meantime, Phil or Giles - do you know where those canoes from the swedish outward bound trip have been stored?

Building bridges over troubled waters

From: Paul 
Sent: Wed, December 2, 2009 3:36:59 PM
Subject: [Everyone] Rain

Anyone else noticed the flooding outside? It looks like a moat. 
Paul Hasd

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