[Everyone] For information only: 156/c/restor3

Fri Aug 14 08:03:07 GMT 2009

***test procedure 156/c/restor3***

Dear colleagues

The IT department are reporting that they may have finally eliminated  
the swine virus from the system, rendering our electronic  
communications  operable for key tasks.

If you are recieving this email you are either a) a designated key  
worker b) part of the Move/Change programme c) level 4.2 or above d)  
working on our electronic rescue programme e) assigned to Project  

Those who may receive this email who are not listed above should  
consider it as information only and take no action.

Colleagues recieving this email are reminded that the protocols  
enforced in the last month remain in force:

• No colleague without Thunderbird clearance is to attempt to use any  
electronic communication device while on pretend property.
• No colleague or visitor is to attempt to connect any device to the  
pretend network
• Non-network computer tasks are only to be undertaken by those with  
key worker designation
• All computer use must be undertaken in compliance with ES56.12a  
guidelines (if you are unsure of these guidelines you Move/Change zone  
captain has memorised them and will be able to answer your questions)
• The use of runners for internal communication will remain in force.  
Colleagues are reminded that Level 3.8 to 6 are permitted a total  
runner distance of 0.6k per day, this limit is not to be exceeded. If  
you are unsure of your runner use Wellness will be able to relate your  
current Coms pedometer status.
• Similally Archives will require the blue carbon copy of all  
correspondance to continue to be filed by COP each working day. (Red  
copies as usual to your line managers).

There will be a project status update forum in Andre-Price at 3pm for  
Move/Change and Project Thunderbird colleagues.

IT are confident that we will be regaining full use of our  
communications within a matter of weeks. It only remains for me to  
thank you all for your hard work in this difficult period.

Faction Leader
Move/Change Programme


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