[Everyone] Naming Spa

Mon Apr 27 13:50:59 GMT 2009

Dear Downstream Early-Winners,

The marketing team have decided that the time is long overdue for us
to create more interesting and challenging names for our Product
Lines, especially the products with the following SKUs:

- 88929222
- 88929223
- 88929225
- 88960002

Consequently marketing will be hosting a Naming Spa this Wednesday at
11.30 in Edwina Currie. All are welcome; please bring your ideas for
product names, marketing phrases and catchword buzzphrases.

All spa visitors will be given a goody bag, bottle of Sainsbury's
Valpollicella, and a T-shirt with the words: "NamING SPa 2008" on the
front. Yes, these are leftovers from one of last year's spas but they
were very popular at the time so I'm confident that everyone concerned
will be delighted to receive such an exciting gift.

Remember that everything you say or think once you enter the Naming
Spa room is officially the property of Pretend Company. The event will
be video recorded by Lothar's nephew, and all words and phrases
uttered will be registered as trade marks, copyright marks, and domain
internet names.

Yours in sustainable well-being

Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 2, Pending Level 1)

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