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Thu Apr 23 11:41:59 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Giles, thankyou for outlining these outline guidelines so thoroughly for 
us all. I hope there will now be no repeat of last week's Luxury Biscuit 
Assortment debacle.

While doing my morning brainstorm this morning I had an awesome idea 
just as the sun broke the horizon! (I couldn't see it but it was the 
correct time, more or less):-- Maybe we could have some fortune cookies 
made with motivational messages inside? Obviously there would be some 
initial expenditure involved but I have litle doubt that this would be 
fully repaid in enthusiasm and increased work productivity from all 
partaking Associates. Clients would also leave meetings feeling good 
about themselves AND US!

I would be more than happy to provide the messages for these should the 
MDC decide to take this forward ongoing. Here's an example I just now found:

"The kind of commitment I find among the best performers across 
virtually every field is a single-minded passion for what they do, an 
unwavering desire for excellence in the way they think and the way they 
work. Genuine confidence is what launches you out of bed in the morning, 
and through your day with a spring in your step." Jim Collins

Imagine reading that at the start of a meeting. What a difference it 
would make to all concerned!!!


On 2009-04-23 12:20 pm, Giles wrote:
> In these troubling economy, it's time that all of us tightening the
> corporate belt a little, even if we're still financially perfectly
> healthy and not in any way suffering and certainly not even close to
> making any redundancies (in this quarter).
> Consequently the Meeting Dialogue Committee has decided the following
> new rules shall apply to beverage and snack requirements in all
> meeting rooms (except those in Lothar's Apartment and the Fire
> Station):
> 1. Standard meetings of less than 2 hours length (planned, not actual)
> will not qualify for supplies of biscuits. Attendees may bring their
> own biscuits, but the Room Diversity Team will not be responsible for
> cleaning up any crumbs. Please remember this useful acronym: Snack And
> Leave Crumbs? Vacuum Up Behind You! (SALCVUBY!)
> 2. Executive meetings (those involving Fellow Multi-Agency Associates
> of level 2 or above) of less than 2 hours length (planned, not actual)
> are allowed to book one (1) plate of plain biscuits (Rich Tea,
> Digestive, or Ginger Snap). If there are not enough biscuits to go
> round, clients and partners should be offered the plate BEFORE
> Associates.
> 3. All meetings between 2 hours and 6 hours (planned, not actual) are
> permitted one (1) plate of plain biscuits and one (1) plate of premium
> biscuits (Bourbon, Custard Cream, Chocolate Digestive) for every 2.5
> hour period or part thereof. Clients and partners must be offered the
> premium plate first, but Associates are allowed to help themselves
> directly from the plain plate if no clients/partners have expressed
> any interest in the biscuits thereon.
> 4. All meetings over 6 hours (planned, not actual) are allowed two
> (two) plates of plain biscuits and two (three) plates of premium
> biscuits. If clients have requested the meeting, we can bill them for
> it, so sandwiches, pizzas, fizzy drinks and Chinese takeaways can be
> added. Please call Louise on reception to arrange delivery of
> takeaways (planned and actual).
> If you are booking a meeting room and unsure of the appropriate
> biscuit policy, you can do any of the following:
> - call a member of the Room Diversity Team on INTERNAL 651 (there is
> no need to dial '9' before this)
> - refer to the policy pages on the company wiky
> - refer to the copies of the policy pages stored as PDFs in Lotus
> Notes under Groupwide Interest/Resources/By Audience/UK Team/All
> Floors/Meeting Rooms/Diversity
> Team/Policies/Snacks/Biscuits/Policies/Revised/Recession09
> - refer to the noticeboard behind the Prayer Vestibule on Level 8b
> I trust that's all clear
> Kind regards
> Giles
> Executive Account Executive (Level 2, Pending Level 1)
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