[Everyone] meeting rooms next week

Wed Apr 15 19:32:45 GMT 2009

This email goes to all staff

Due to the Climate Leaders internal conference in Thailand being held
here because of local unrest there will be extra pressure on meeting
rooms next week.

To accommodate Climate leaders needs alongside the normal schedule,
especially while the Bader Meinhoff suite is being repaired, there
will be these changes:

All bookings previously made to Thought centre meeting rooms
(excluding Wanasee, Genuflect and SunTan!) are now assigned to Core7
meeting rooms on the 2nd, 7th and 8th floors. The room host jockey
desk will provide you with a list of which meetings are now in which
rooms on request.

All meetings arranged in Atrium Floors 2 & 3 are now to be held on
floors 6 & 7 (the meeting room numbering will be the same, but where
previously you would have booked A2.13 it will now be A6.13: replace
the floor number with 6 for 2 and 7 for 3. Please also note that as
the meeting rooms on the upper floors are smaller you are asked to
bring one less person to each meeting, except where a meeting is for
two people in which case can you cancel your booking and use one of
the pods in the breakout area nearest you.

Bookings made for the Grass Arena will now be held in Hangar 2,
however as Hangar 2 cannot be kept open after five pm any meetings
booked for after 5 will now be held in the Aphex's forum area. Staff
are asked to finish their meetings by 4.45 and make their way out of
the Hangar promptly.

The non-bookable meeting rooms in the media centre will be bookable -
but can you try using soft and breakout areas for meetings rather than
booking rooms if at all possible.

Additionally next weeks Move/Change meetings have been rescheduled for
the following week, contact Limahl in my team if you need more

Next week is going to be a bit of a challenge but all room host and
desk jockey leave has been canceled and there will be roving support
hosts in clearly marked tabards who will be able to help.

The facilities and hosting team have asked me to pass on their thanks
in advance for your co-operation.

Team Leader
People Solutions

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