[Everyone] Re: Offensive Poster

Tue Apr 14 15:24:25 GMT 2009

The 2nd floor gets butler style sinks, I see. Those of us on other
floors have to slum it with bog-standard B&Q own-brand sinks. Is there
an official policy on sink installation?

Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 2, Pending Level 1)

2009/4/14 Ben :
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm sorry to report that is has come to my attention that I must inform you
> of some offensive notices in the 2nd floor Gents. I'm still waiting to hear
> if they have been placed in the ladies as well.
> Please note that these signs are not funny and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in any
> way, shape or form.
> Cheers!
> Ben
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> Thanks. Think about the trees. Thanks!!
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