[Everyone] Re: Has anyone seen my pen?

Tue Apr 14 13:56:38 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Thanks Anno. Now you mention it, it's possible the pen got mixed up with 
the coloured straws we were using. Did they go back in the craft box?

Incidentally, re the bonus structure: I think I suggested realigning 
grades 1-9g, not 1-9e. I certainly meant to!! But now you mention it 
1-9e might be better in the long term.


On 2009-04-14 2:49 pm, Anno wrote:
> Hi Phil
> I'll ask Limahl if it got mixed up in the move/change craft box.
> Incidentally I think your idea about realigning the bonus structure
> (grades 1-9e) with Move change goals is a good one, I've cc'd eve to
> set up a meeting with CorpEx about it.
> A
> 2009/4/14 Phil :
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