[Everyone] Thank you

Thu Apr 2 16:10:47 GMT 2009

Ward 7, Eagle Wing, Pretend Hospital


Dear all,


Thank you so much for the card and money which arrived today. It was a nice
surprise. Ben explained that everyone has been out the office for the last
week so signed it on your behalf. I have spent the two pound on a hot
chocolate and a movie.


I have broken both legs when a car hit me on my motorbike. All I remember is
a black BMW with the plate LO09HER. The police said they were going to
arrest someone, then overnight they realised that it wasn't a case they
could solve. My mum was so upset she has started keying all the black BMW's
in the area.


I have been told that I may never walk again and have started receiving help
from the Physiotherapist  (thank God for spell check!). She is very hot and
I've been laying it on big time. The guy in the bed next to me with his arm
missing thinks he's in with a chance, but I can tell she's a broken leg
woman, not arm.


I hope you are all coping without me. Please keep an eye on my in tray.
Things appear in there sometimes.


I expect to be out in a couple of weeks, then back to the office by May.
When I return I'll be in a wheelchair. Phil assures me that the office will
be ready for me by then. He's getting Health and Safety to check the
possibilities of getting the wheelchair down the slide system.


Thank you for caring,




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