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Weeknote 1: Friday 5th Jan

A big HI! from the seventh floor at Pretend Office. We've decided to do some Week-Notes to keep you up-to-date with the amazing things we're doing here.

Create-More-Success.jpgThis week we made a big push for completing the December timesheets! Thanks to everyone on the team who contributed to that. And those of you who didn't - you don't know who you are, but we know who you are! Or at least, Jenny in HR does and she'll be leaving a special "message" in your pay packets this month!

Limahl is working on a new set of default Pretend Powerpoint background image templates, for use internally and by any partners who wish to make use of them. 

Finance took delivery of a smashing new printer on Wednesday, but they're still waiting for Tom from IT to come upstairs and plug it in. Looks smashing, though.

We've got some big pitches coming up soon, which we're all busy preparing for. Of course, for Data Protection reasons we can't mention the names of individual clients - but they have names that rhyme with Soak, Pikey, and Flenty Flelve Bumdon Solympwicks! We're very excited about all of those and we'll let you know how we get on in next week's update, or another update after that.

This week's Crackerjack theme is UNDER MY UMBRELLA-ELLA-ELLA, and I can hear the beer trolley banging down the stairs now so excuse me if I don't go off and get my beer immediate



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