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SYNERGIZE? IMPACT! Our Talk On Transitive Business Disrupti


Everyone at Pretend was delighted when we were asked to fill a slot at the I.T. Success-World conference at the last minute when someone else was taken sick and the organisers were desperate for a speaker. Naturally, they turned to us!

Here's what we said.


So hello. Transitive Business Disruption! OR IS IT?

Yes that's one question we get asked alot.

Whats the main learning you need to get from this session? Its that being an outside-looper on your team won't result in pitch-wins in the long-run.

Take this chart for example.


The value-prop is clear. What about the value-add? Have you considered the value-value? OR HAVE YOU?

That's what makes the team at Pretend Office so special. We like to challenge our clients, partners and distribution channel agents with questions like that. Questions that challenge what they think. Not questions, but disruptions. OR DO WE? Ha ha, that was just a joke. Yes, we do.

Anyway, here's another chart which speaks for itself.


Are your solutions this turn-key? Probably not. That's where Pretend Office can help you.

We can synergize your impact. We WILL synergize your impact. Let's try it now, in this conference hall. If I say "Synergize", you shout back "Impact!" Shall we try it? Synergize! Is my mic on? Let's try again. SYNERGIZE! Can you hear me at the back? How about at the front?

Anyway this last slide is a bit whacky. We're that sort of team, ha ha! 


What it means is that next time you have a trick client-ask to handle, don't do your own disruptions. Contact the Disruption team here at Pretend because we know more about it than you do. Thank you very much.



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