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Pretend Office has FaceBook

As a forward-moving organisation, Pretend Office is always on the lookout for the next movements in intergenerational technological achievements. It's not enough to be at the eye of the storm - you must <i>be</i> the hurricane itself! 

As such therefore we feel it's important to make an effort to meet with the future leaders of industry and business on their own fields so as to meet them on their own terms in a world they understand! We're not someone to look down on the youth as troubled layabouts who would call you Alan Titface if you asked them to turn their "music" down on the bus!

And so two years ago we engaged one of the country's top leading research and international consultancies to provide us with an ongoing strategy of digitial and innovative engagement that can truly engage with those we need to dialogue with.

As the first step in implementing the recommendations in the plan they presented to Pretend Office's board in January, we are very proud to unveil (if it's possible to unveil a FaceBook Web Site!) Pretend Office's FaceBook Web Site!

So, if you're a mover and shaker in the world of digital and have your finger on the pulse of what's what, come and "check us out" on FaceBook and send us a tweet!



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