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Disabled day at Pretend Office

Pretend Offices commitment to Equal Opportunities is one of the things we pride ourselves on! Society has come a long way since the 1990s when disability was something to be ashamed of and Pretend has been at the forefront of making our workplace safe and welcoming for people of all types of ability: Dis or Abled!

As part of our commitment to a diverse workforce last week Pretend held Disabled Day across the whole pretend family to welcome our differently-abled colleagues and learn together about how to have a diversity friendly workspace.

On disabled day all colleagues came to work with a disability of their choosing (those already having a disability chose a second one!), we re-designated the whole of the parking areas as disabled spaces - for which we held a company wide competition for people to design their own disabled parking signs. Everyone wore an "I'm disabled today" T-Shirt. Alongside the important day-to-day business of pretend we took time to reflect on the challenges facing disabled workers in pretend and how we could all pull together to improve both our own work re: disability, but also our products and services.

Colleagues spent the day interacting with each other with their disabilities and in the evening we gathered to reflect on what we had learned in a spirit of renewed respect for our disabled colleagues.

Diversity matters to us at Pretend, and we hope it matters to you too.



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