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Tue Mar 13 16:17:54 GMT 2012

What Giles is trying to say is 'ooo the Guardian photographed me in the
office the other day and here's their picture of my arm and half the
contents of the vending machine on my desk'. You're not the first person to
be photographed Giles and probably won't be the last! 

Paul Risk

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The Guardian ran a very interesting article the other day, on the subject of
lunch breaks:


It raises a lot of very interesting questions, and I'm sure will spark some
debate here among all of the team at Pretend Office.

The most interesting question of all, though, is surely: what are these
lunch break things, and should we implement a strategy for introducing them
here one day? I must say the concept sounds jolly hip and New Anaesthetic,
which is what hip things are called these days.

Any thoughts?

Kind regards

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