[Everyone] Football this afternoon

Wed Jun 23 13:04:35 GMT 2010

Hi all,

As you we all know there is an important football match on this afternoon for those of us with an English heritage (not that there's anything wrong with those who don't!). However, the match does take place during work hours and none of us want to interrupt our productivity for the entire duration I'm sure!

To this end the boffins in IT have rigged up a system that will let you watch video of the big game on your computer screens, just as if you were sureptitously watching the BBC ha ha!

However, this "stream" will be delayed by 30 seconds and will be blank and silent during portions of the match when no goal is being scored. If a goal is about to be scored you will be alerted by an on-screen countdown so you can be prepared to look up from your work in time for the goal in question. After the goal the screen will revert to "non distraction" mode.

This will give us the best of both world's - a typically productive Pretend Office afternoon and watching a game of football.

I'm sure you'll wish to join me in congratulating IT in this remarkeable achievement, as will as wishing our lads in South Africa well this afternoon.


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