Thu Feb 4 14:47:16 GMT 2010

Hi! Eve,

It's been so long since I last emailed you. Since being promoted away
from the rest of the team on Level 2, I've not had so many chances to
watch you as you restock the photocopier. Some idiot wrote my name on
a Facebook twitter about Phil's mug and I got the blame. Can you
believe it?

Anyway I hope everything is going well back on Level 2. Perhaps I'll
stop by and say hello on my way to the Personnel Praise service on
Level 1 next week.

I am enjoying my new roll as Client-Vision Liaison Officer
(Solutions). The team here in Client-Vision Liaisoning are all a
decent bunch, although the quality of the tea isn't quite up to what
I'm used to! Ha HA!

Anyway must go now, Marjory Doats has called a Revisioning The
Strategy Thinktank Brainstorm, so I need to make sure that there are
plenty of Post-Its in Kate Bush.


Kind regards

Client-Vision Liaison Officer (Solutions)

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