[Everyone] Re: Disabled Day

Fri May 22 09:47:20 GMT 2009

Thanks Jay,

Pls keep the wheelchairs in their wrappers. I'll be sending them back on

Apologies for my last email everyone. I was upset. I guess I just want the
day of the disabled peoples to be a success. Phil, I've spoken to Roger and
he's reprinting everything, but he said it'll cost me an arm and a leg.


We've just had a big delivery Paul. It looks like all the wheelchairs
you were expecting have arrived, plus there's the fast electric one
that was requested for Lothar.

Things might be a bit slow down here for the next few days, as Gavin
got the wrong end of the stick and has quite literally put his eye
out. He thought you needed an actual disability and was going to enter
the blind-man's walk.

We'll spend a couple of hours getting him to feel his way round the
offices so he can still deliver the internal mail, but apologies if
any inappropriate touching happens, as we all need to make some
special dispensation for people with disabilities.

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