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Wed May 6 09:27:05 GMT 2009

Fellow Value-Topsiders,

Since because no-one else turned up for the Seedbed Planning Outbreak
Initialisation yesterday night, I have conducted the entire process
myself. There is an Excel about it on the Lotus Wicky. Please consult
this EXCEL to find out your role in the Outbreak, which will begin
next Monday morning at 8am sharp.

I've also asked Matt and Cat to pin up some copies of the Outbreak
Rota on all the toilet cubicle doors (insides and outsides).

We have commissionated an official jingle for this year's Outbreak:

"It's YOUR OUTBREAK so make the MOST OF IT!!!"

Pretty catchy and rememberable I'm sure you'll agree.

Please see the attached link for a copy of the jingle which you should
embed in all your presentations from now on henceforth.


Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 2, Pending Level 1)

2009/5/6 Phil :
> Hi all,
> Paul, fantastic idea about disposing of the lifts in favour of the slides.
> But I'm not clear how we would go *up* without the lifts? Some of us like to
> use the stairs anyway because it's ENGERGISING but plenty of people would
> probably still prefer to use the lifts, not least people such as yourself
> who, if I may possibly say so, are differently able bodied and would find
> the stairs unsuitable as a means of escalation. Is there perhaps another
> solution?
> While I'm on the subject could you in your EOAHASD role investigate possible
> ways of controlling traffic on the slide system? We've already had a couple
> of accidents with people not clearing the bottom quick enough and trying to
> join the slide at floors part way down while that particular slide system
> was already being utilised downwardly. Only the other day I accidentally
> went down on Jen and we're both still bruised! Sorry Jen!!!
> Thankyou.
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