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Tue May 5 12:18:40 GMT 2009

Are you out now Clare? This is a really bad Health and Safety issue and
exactly the type of thing I plan to sort out as soon as I can get my new
desk in Tina Turner. Shame you weren't using an iphone as there's a remote
lift application for £2.99. 
Just a thought, is there still a hole in the lift wall on the stairs from
when Phil started smashing things up after those cookies? It was covered by
that beautiful Horse and Cart painting by Constable. 
It's worth trying to get on the roof of the lift and climb the cable to the
hole. I've seen it done before somewhere. In the mean time maybe someone
with an iphone could get the application and try starting the lift.
Let me know how you get on. And don't worry, if we can't sort it today, I'll
tell your husband you have had to go away on business so he doesn't worry. 

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Could someone call security? I'm stuck in the lift between Gordon  
Brown and Tina Turner. I think the door might be jammed??


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