[Everyone] Re: RND!!!!!!!

Fri Mar 13 12:07:56 GMT 2009

Further to Ben's stirring efforts, I'd like to remind all staff that
the following are compulsory on RND:

1. A donation of £10 (TEN POUNDS) into the charity bucket that Eve is
bringing round. The money will be donated to poor people who need
cheering up, because that is what Red Noise Day is all about.

2. Wearing of Red Noises at ALL TIMES. You may remove your red nose
during meetings with clients, but only if the clients remove theirs

3. Smiling and having fun. You may tell CLEAN jokes.

4. Attendance at this afternoon's ALL HANDS MEETING in your PYJAMAS
for the annual BATH OF PORRIDGE ritual. This will be held in Han Solo
at 3.30.

Thank you and be having FUN ON RED NOSE DAY.

Executive Account Executive (Level 2, Pending Level 1)

2009/3/13 Ben :
> Hahaha I bet you lot thought that subject heading meant R 'n' D, as in
> Research and Development!! Didn't you??!! Hahaha. Well, you were wrong!
> Well, you see, RND stands for RED NOSE DAY! (Did you see what I did there
> with the O? If you haven't got html set up on your Lotus Notes or you're
> reading this on a Crackberry, let me know and I'll send you a screen shot).
> Well, it's today already! And well done to everyone who is doing some to
> help charity. Even in the current climate people are still homeless and
> shit.
> Well, as usual I'm doing my bit! I'm sat downstairs (first floor, just after
> the loos before you get to the paper samples) WEARING MY SKI-ING GEAR!!
> Well, pleasse drop by and but a pound (or a note if you're from the third
> florr, wink, nudge, wink, nudge) into my bucket. You can't miss me I'm
> Ben
> Snr Deputy Exec Assistant
> UK London Office / East
> Skype: ben_snr_dep_exe_ass
> Cell/Mob: 07999 123 456
> Direct: 020 7777 4472
> Direct Fax: 020 7777 4672
> Office: 020 7777 4444
> Office Fax: 020 7777 4666
> IM: ben_snr_dep_exe_ass
> Please don't print this email unless you really, really need to.
> Thanks. Think about the trees. Thanks!!
> Runner Up: Snr Deputy Exec Assistant Awards 07
> Anyone want to rent a room? Clean, non smoking, no pets. IM me for details.
> "Everybody, needs somebody, everybody, needs somebody" even in the
> recession!!
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