[Everyone] timesheets

Tue Mar 10 16:06:45 GMT 2009

Good to be on board!

I just wanted to let you know that as your new Strategic Actualization
Coordinator, I'll be implementing an updated timesheet strategy
beginning April 1st -- no, not a joke! haha! This is designed to
streamline the project-completion process, which I know you'll

A few guidelines to familiarize yourself with the new timesheet:

* The "Task" column is now three sub-columns: "Primary Task",
"Sub-Task" and "Skill Code". The first two should be self-explanatory.
The third refers to the five digit reference number set out for each
skillset in the Pretend Company Strategic Actualization Handbook. I'm
told there's a copy available to every team leader.

* In place of "Skill Code", teams in Move/Change working under Project
Guideline Mandate II(a) should enter their Designated Creative

* Team leaders will be co-ordinating with you at the end of each week
so that the details entered team-wide across each Primary Task,
Sub-Task and Skill Code match those previously itemized in the project
spec, with the exception of Quantitative Arbitrage, where accepted
upper and lower thresholds apply.

I'll be making the new timesheet template available on the server
tomorrow morning, once I work out how to save it there (!)

If you have any questions, pop by or get in touch: I'm on the second
floor of the Consort Building, just past Alexandra of Denmark.

Strategic Actualization Coordinator
Consort Building x2017

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