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Thu Mar 5 18:14:47 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Just popped in to the office. I was delighted when mum gave me the news that
I had been offered a job at Pretend office, and with two days studying at
Pretend Collage for my City and Guilds Office Management diploma. My mates
can't believe it, especially as I was listed as 'boy most likely to be seen
in the Job Centre' in the year book.

I would like to say thank you to Phil and Lothar for the job. And to my mum
and nana who has supported me to achieve my ambition to become employed. 

Pretend Collage was great. Yesterday we enrolled and today we hung out in
the canteen. I'm knackered! We were given something called an assignment to
do where we have to introduce ourselves and what our job is to people who
work where we work so this is what I'm doing now. I think you all know that
I'm Paul because I did work experience here. My new job is to work alongside
the office manager and bring in great new ideas from Collage.

I'll be working at Pretend Office on Monday and Tuesdays as collage is on
Wednesdays and Thursdays and it's unlikely that I'll make it here on Fridays
as me and my mates are usually getting ready for the weekend.

Collage told me about something called spell checker on the computer. It's
amazing! I'll never type anything incorrectly again. 

Can someone tell me who the office manager is so I know who to find on

This is really great isn't it.

Junior Office Manager

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Hi all,

Lothar has asked me to pass on the good news... Paul, who has been with 
us on work experience for the past couple of weeks, will be joining us 
on a permanent part-flexi-time basis. I think we've all been impressed 
with Paul's enthusiasm and the hours he's put in and I know you'll give 
him the traditional Pretend Office welcome.

Paul will be taking over Gerry's responsibilities. Gerry has been with 
us for several years and I'm sure we all wish him the very best (or we 
would if he hadn't already cleared his desk by the time you receive 
this). Please don't take his parking space just yet - he will be 
returning his company car tomorrow.

I'm sure that Paul's enthusiasm and attention to detail will help him 
pick up where Gerry left off despite his lack of "formal" qualifications.

Incidentally, Paul's mother has agreed not to press charges about last 
weekend. Great!


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