[Everyone] Fwd: Law Firm Thomas Eggar LLP centralises fax and eliminates fax machines from all offices

Thu Mar 5 15:50:51 GMT 2009

A journalist friend of mine sent me this press release which I thought
was so interesting I should forward it to the whole team immediately.

An important question arises: have WE cast aside our traditional fax
machines and replaced them with this exciting new electronic fax

I'd like IT to get on to this right away. Please fax your messages of
support to me at this Lotus Noes address, thank you.

Thank you
Thank you

Kind regards

Executive Account Executive (Level 2, Pending Level 1)

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From: Avanquest Solutions 
Date: 2009/3/5
Subject: Law Firm Thomas Eggar LLP centralises fax and eliminates fax
machines from all offices

Apologies if you have received this press release twice. Our server
developed a problem once transmission of the release had started so
did not complete the send.  We are therefore resending.


5th March 2009

Law Firm Thomas Eggar LLP centralises fax and eliminates fax machines
from all offices

Thomas Eggar LLP, a law firm providing Commercial and Private Client
services, has cast aside traditional fax machines by installing
electronic fax in its offices located across the South of England.

The solution has been supplied and implemented by Winchester based
Avanquest Solutions, provider of legal centric business solutions that
fit a firm's infrastructure without the need for dramatic changes.

Fax is still a trusted method of communication for Legal
Professionals.  It is secure and provides a clearly identified audit
trail.  But managing high volumes of paper faxes is inefficient and
costly.  Electronic faxing speeds up the faxing process, provides the
full audit trail required and also helps the firm reduce its carbon

RightFax is integrated with Outlook, to enable the sending/receiving
of faxes straight from the desktop - and is used as a two-way fax
communication method with both clients and suppliers.

Systems are centrally managed, so staff are able to go from one office
to another and still be familiar with working methods.

It is also planned to roll out electronic fax to finance.  Documents,
such as expenses etc will be electronically faxed to a central
location from disparate offices for processing.

Neil Renfrew, Head of IT at Thomas Eggar, commented, "Although fax is
regarded as an 'old' technology it can still be a crucial medium.  The
up to date management of inbound and outbound fax traffic benefits all
of our legal practice groups, as well as our business support teams."

He went on to say "Rightfax was chosen as 'the functionally rich fax
management system’
' to complement other new telephony technologies.  Together these form
the core of the firm's Unified Messaging systems, which enables us to
improve working practices."

"The Avanquest people are a pleasure to deal with and our experience
of them and the system has been very positive" concluded Neil.

Further information can be found at www.avanquest-solutions.co.uk

Press Information:
Alison Hall
Tel: 01752 241464
Mobile: 07899 986932



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