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Tue Mar 3 12:25:32 GMT 2009

Can I remind everyone that whilst Google Mail is an ideal solution for
your personal email, you should not be using it for Pretend
Office-related email. IT cannot provide any support - or, crucially,
backup - for your email if you do this. Also, you will be storing
potentially confidential Pretend Office emails on a third party

If you are having issues with your Lotus Notes installation, please
get in touch with Phil or Barry in IT, who'll be more than happy to
help you tweak it to your satisfaction.

(If you are looking for a new email address and client for your
personal, *out-of-work* email, I can strongly recommend Google Mail.)

Giles - please don't spread potentially dangerous misinformation like
this to the "Everyone" mailing list. And please note: I don't run IT
either; since September 2008, the Head of IT role was replaced by the
IT Priorities Steering Committee, which tells me what to do. That,
incidentally, tends to be "Buy Creative more Macbook Airs" and "Make
Email Work On Phil's iPhone".

IT Support

On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 12:16 PM, Giles  wrote:
> I know we’re not supposed to use the Everyone address for sharing
> useful tips, but this one is SO useful I think everyone ought to know
> about it.
> It turns out that there’s a website where you can store ALL your email
> It’s amazing! I’ve seen my cousin using it and he said it was incredibly useful!
> It’s very easy to use:
> 1. Go to Google
> 2. Type in “mail.google.com.uk”
> 3. Click “Google Search”
> 4. Click the FIRST RESULT
> Then you just sign up for an account. I’ve not been able to get my
> email into it yet. I tried dragging my Outlook into the window but
> that didn’t work - I expect I need to export my Outlook as a C.S.V and
> import that.
> Honestly, sometimes I think I should be running the IT department HA HA!
> Hope you all enjoy using this. If anyone else has a really very useful
> tip along the same lines of usefulness as this one, you may use the
> Everyone email to tell everyone about it, because we could all learn
> from useful tips.
> Kind regards
> Giles
> Account Executive (Level 2)
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