[Everyone] Creativity outbreak

Tue Mar 3 12:03:32 GMT 2009

Hi Russ,

This is great work - that's a slogan we can, I'm sure, all get behind! I 
think the modified slogan is even better than the first - it makes 
things much clearer and really says what Pretend Office is all about. 

I'll pass it on to Eve's nephew who is putting together the internet web 
site for us. I can't wait to see it!!

Money well spent I think - I'm sure we can find savings elsewhere. 
Please use the DFI Budget Tag.


On 2009-03-03 9:34 am, Russell wrote:
> hey Phil,
> You'll recall asking us for quotes about Pretend Office for the new 
> company Webterface. You'll be glad to know that we have come through for 
> you.
> Given that the Comms Group (now know as The Ideation Kru) have been so 
> busy on creating materials for the Move and Change programme I retained 
> a splendid creative agency called Balthazar+Sienna to work up some 
> quotes for us and they have really done the business.
> (Incidentally, they were a little pricier than I thought so you might 
> want to tell HR to stick a couple more names on the redundancy list)
> The full output only exists on post-it notes on their meeting room wall 
> so you'll have to go there to have a look at it, but I did remember one 
> which I'd love to share with you;
> "Pretend Office - Simply the Best"
> Great isn't it? Really strikes the right note I thought. And they've 
> even found a song to go with it. I ran it through legal and compliance 
> and it survived with only minor tweaks to now read;
> "Pretend Office - almost certainly among the best companies in the field 
> that it's in"
> Very glad to be of service on this one, please let me know which Budget 
> Tag to attach to this project so it can be correctly aligned with your 
> group's P&L.
> peace
> russell
> Ideation, Ideation, Ideation
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