[Everyone] Creativity outbreak

Tue Mar 3 09:34:52 GMT 2009

hey Phil,

You'll recall asking us for quotes about Pretend Office for the new  
company Webterface. You'll be glad to know that we have come through  
for you.

Given that the Comms Group (now know as The Ideation Kru) have been so  
busy on creating materials for the Move and Change programme I  
retained a splendid creative agency called Balthazar+Sienna to work up  
some quotes for us and they have really done the business.

(Incidentally, they were a little pricier than I thought so you might  
want to tell HR to stick a couple more names on the redundancy list)

The full output only exists on post-it notes on their meeting room  
wall so you'll have to go there to have a look at it, but I did  
remember one which I'd love to share with you;

"Pretend Office - Simply the Best"

Great isn't it? Really strikes the right note I thought. And they've  
even found a song to go with it. I ran it through legal and compliance  
and it survived with only minor tweaks to now read;

"Pretend Office - almost certainly among the best companies in the  
field that it's in"

Very glad to be of service on this one, please let me know which  
Budget Tag to attach to this project so it can be correctly aligned  
with your group's P&L.



Ideation, Ideation, Ideation

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